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Blog Posts

CopyCat Legal Copyright Troll

Is CopyCat Legal a Copyright Troll?

Gather your pitchforks, for a new monster has emerged that must be slain! There is...
man sitting in front of computer

What Should I Know About Copyright and Derivative Works? | CopyCat Legal

If looking to create derivative works, it's essential to understand the copyright laws surrounding these...
two people working together at computer

How Are Joint Works Handled Under Copyright Law? | CopyCat Legal

Creating joint works with a colleague is a great way to expand your portfolio. However...
office space

Do Employees Own the Copyright for Creations at Work? | CopyCat Legal

As an employee, you may wonder who owns the copyright for creations at work. This...
Lights and technology

How Can I Protect My Artwork from AI Technology? | CopyCat Legal

As AI technology becomes more popular, understanding how to protect your artwork from copyright infringement...
petition to file for bankruptcy

Think Twice Before Filing Bankruptcy in Response to a Copyright Infringement Demand/Lawsuit

CopyCat Legal sent you a copyright infringement lawsuit, and you're considering filing bankruptcy, but should...
stressed man at computer

What Are the Most Common Copyright Errors?

Are you a creator? If so, do you know the most common copyright errors? If...
tv remote with tv in background

Are Parodies Protected Under Fair Use?

Parodies are often loved or hated. However, they are generally protected under fair use. This...
person doing work at computer with book open

How Are Plagiarism and Copyright Different?

Though seemingly similar, knowing the differences between plagiarism and copyright infringement is vital. This blog...


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