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CopyCat is a warrior for creative freedom and justice

Our copyright lawyers seek out violators and make them pay for their crimes — the unlawful use of your hard work. It’s that simple. We champion this mission to protect your intellectual property rights at no cost to you. When we prevail — as we mostly do — we then share in the recovery. Otherwise, you pay us nothing.

You are legally entitled to copyright protections for your original works. But having the right to protection, versus actually being protected, is not the same thing. In today’s digital world, it’s far too easy and common for thieves to steal your work and deprive you of rightful compensation — often without your knowledge.

CopyCat Legal is here to help you protect and monetize your work. That means we will help you register intellectual property with the U.S. Copyright Office, aggressively pursue those using your work without permission, and assist you with fending off future violators.

Can intellectual property be stolen?

Most definitely. Have you ever captured a photograph, composed a story, directed a video, or designed a logo and posted it online? That’s your intellectual property. Can those original works be stolen? It happens every day, and it’s much easier than you think. Whenever someone copies your work without permission or compensation, that’s an act of theft. But CopyCat can help protect you by taking actions on your behalf to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your work.

What does copyright infringement look like? Here's a common example:
photographer taking copyrighted photo
unauthorized sharing of copyrighted photos
photographer uploading copyrighted photos
CopyCat Legal protects victims of copyright infringement
copyright thief stealing photos
CopyCat Legal prosecutes against copyright infringement

Protect and control your creative property from copyright infringement in three steps


Understand your rights


Protect your work


Take legal action

The first and most important step to protecting your work is registering it with the U.S. Copyright Office. Being proactive about copyright registration helps shield your intellectual property from potential violators, and significantly increases the chance of getting paid when pirates plunder your IP.

Have you been infringed? Act now and partner with CopyCat’s copyright infringement lawyers to help you regain control of your work.

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