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Illustration Copyright Infringement Lawyers

Ask anyone and they'll tell you what an amazing artist Ian is.
Ian proudly published his illustrations on his website for the world to see... He'd built quite the portfolio
Instead of asking Ian for permission, the thief copies Ian's illustrations and posts them on his own site.

Good illustrations can help bring ideas and stories to life, but the time and skill to create them can be significant. If your illustrations have been used in ways you didn’t consent to, illustration copyright infringement was committed and you may be entitled to recover damages. Contact our illustration copyright lawyers today to learn more about how we can help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

CopyCat heard of poor Ian's problem and swooped in to see what could be done.
Are You a Victim of Illustration Infringement? Our Copyright Lawyers Can Help.

As an illustrator, you likely understand that copyrighting your work is the way in which you make money. Not only that, but it’s also proof that you created something new and unique. If someone infringes upon your copyrighted illustration, or copies and uses it for their benefit even before you’ve copyrighted it, you likely still have legal recourse available. Speak with our dedicated copyright infringement lawyers so you can tell us your story and so we can get working on protecting your work.

What Can I Do If Someone Stole My Illustration?

If someone has stolen your illustration and you’ve already had it copyrighted, you should get in touch with a seasoned illustration copyright lawyer right away. Your attorney can help you file a copyright infringement claim and fight for damages on your behalf. If your illustration is already copyrighted, we’ll likely seek statutory damages, which can vary anywhere from $350-$15,000 (but sometimes up to $150,000).

That said, if you’ve not yet copyrighted your illustration, it doesn’t mean you’re out of luck–we can still file a copyright infringement claim, but we’ll instead be suing for actual damages, which typically include your standard licensing fees and any profits gained from the infringement. Unfortunately, the entire cost of actual damages isn’t always simple to calculate, and though we can still file a claim on your behalf, it’s simply best to have your illustration copyrighted before ever releasing it to the public.

Thanks, CopyCat! I poured my life into those illustrations and I'm glad I had a warrior on my side to fight for my rights!
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