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Phil started out like most photographers - Taking pictures of the people and things he loved.
Tim self-published his books online and was proud that people were buying and reading his words.
But some people didn't want to pay Tim for his time and effort. They decided to steal Tim's work!
Yesterday’s journalists and writers are today’s bloggers and content creators. Whether writing ads for broadcast and digital media, articles for news sites or science journals, or scripts for film and streaming entertainment, creative writers are in high demand–and so is their intellectual property. If your writing has been used in ways you didn’t consent to, copywriting copyright infringement was committed and you may be entitled to recover damages. If you need a seasoned team of text copyright infringement lawyers to get you the credit and profits to which you are entitled, look no further than CopyCat Legal. We are here to help you through each step of the process ahead.
CopyCat wields the scales of justice
Was Your Text Stolen? Our Copyright Infringement Lawyers Can Help.
Everybody knows that good, strong writers are hard to come by. Unfortunately, for this very reason, sometimes people will steal well-written material to use it for their own benefit. This is also known as plagiarism–in schools, it can warrant expulsion–outside of school, it can warrant a lawsuit. That said, if you’re looking to hold a thief accountable for stealing your work, don’t do so without a knowledgeable group of copyright infringement lawyers in your corner.
Copyrights for the Written Word

Once you’ve written any content, you are the original author of that work. Regardless of whether that work is published, you immediately own the copyright. That said, once you officially get your content published and copyrighted, you will have several exclusive rights to it (unless you created the work “for hire” i.e. for an employer/company’s use). Those rights are as follows:

  • To reproduce the content
  • To distribute the content
  • To publicly display the content
  • Top create derivative works based on the written content
Tim explained the situation to CopyCat. Tim was distraught and needed help!
With CopyCat on his side, Tim received fair payment for his work and continued dedicating himself to his passion.
What if My Content Was Stolen?

If your written content was stolen, you should turn to CopyCat Legal right away. Our firm has years of experience representing writers in pursuit of the compensation and credit they deserve. Once we track down the thief and prove your work has been stolen, you should receive either or both statutory damages and actual damages. If your work was copyrighted, you can seek statutory damages (ranging from $750 to $30,000, but sometimes up to $150,000). If your work hasn’t been copyrighted you can still seek actual damages, which entail any profit gained from the infringement and a designer’s normal license fees.

The bottom line is that if your content has been stolen, you can have confidence in your decision to turn to CopyCat Legal to get it back. Contact us today so we can get started working on your case.

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