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Intellectual Property Lawyers

CopyCat Legal is a national law firm providing legal counsel to photographers, directors, designers, illustrators, authors, composers, bloggers, YouTubers, and all types of creative professionals and agencies. We exist solely to protect our clients’ intellectual property (IP) rights and reclaim money for the misuse of their work.
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What We Believe

Intellectual property is as equally valuable as tangible property. We believe there is no distinction between an art thief stealing a painting from a museum or a digital thief downloading and reusing your original works without your permission.

Our Intellectual Property Lawyers
Here at CopyCat Legal, we know how important protecting intellectual property is to those who’ve created it. Even more than a potential source of income, intellectual property is an extension of the creator’s self; something he or she has worked hard on, takes pride in and deserves recognition for. CopyCat Legal is your friend, and we will do everything in our power to get a favorable result on your behalf.
Our Approach

Our approach is simple: offer the infringer a fair settlement amount. If the settlement is rejected, file a lawsuit and have no mercy. You do not pay us any fees unless the offender pays. Give our intellectual property attorneys a call today or contact us online for a free consultation.

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