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How Can I Protect My Artwork from AI Technology? | CopyCat Legal

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Like the technological boom of the late 1990s and early 2000s, artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm. From creating works of fiction to generating realistic-sounding renditions of deceased singers covering modern music, this is a great tool. However, in order to train many of these programs, data must first be entered into the program so it can learn. Unfortunately, many art-producing AI generators are using copyrighted content without the permission of the artist. If you’ve had your artwork used without your consent to train AI technology, you’ll want to contact an illustration copyright attorney. The following blog explores the steps you can take to protect your work.

What Is AI Technology?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a form of computer science in which computers and programs can complete tasks and jobs traditionally only completed by human intelligence. Though some forms of AI, like facial recognition to unlock your phone or navigation systems that automatically reroute you to avoid traffic are common forms of this technology, it is growing and becoming significantly more advanced.

What Can I Do to Protect My Artwork?

Though artwork has continually evolved over the years from traditional painting and sculpting to photography and animation, many artists are concerned about the rapid growth of artificial intelligence. Not only can it impact your livelihood, as artwork can be generated for free with the push of a button, but many artists find their work taken to teach these programs without their permission.

One thing you can do to help protect your artwork from being used without your permission is to avoid posting full renderings of the image online or posting a low-resolution file. These can make it challenging to train AI models so you may find your work is less likely to be stolen and used without permission.

You should also avoid posting artwork to social media sites. This is unfortunate, as this is often the only way to reach a larger audience, but when you post an image, you generally give the platform the right to use the image, despite the fact you own the copyright to the artwork.

What Should I Do if I Believe My Art is Being Infringed Upon?

If you believe your artwork is being infringed upon to train AI programs, understanding what you can do is crucial. In general, you may be able to pursue a copyright infringement case if you can prove the program had access to your artwork and produced an output that looks considerably similar to your work.

At CopyCat Legal, our dedicated team understands how hard you work to pursue your passion for art. As such, we will work to help you pursue legal action if you have reason to believe your artwork was infringed upon by artificial intelligence technology. Call today for a free case evaluation to learn how we can help you.

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