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Blog Posts

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What Are the Most Common Copyright Errors?

Are you a creator? If so, do you know the most common copyright errors? If...
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Are Parodies Protected Under Fair Use?

Parodies are often loved or hated. However, they are generally protected under fair use. This...
person doing work at computer with book open

How Are Plagiarism and Copyright Different?

Though seemingly similar, knowing the differences between plagiarism and copyright infringement is vital. This blog...
two people shaking hands

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Copyright Attorney?

If you want to protect your work, contacting a copyright attorney is crucial. This blog...
person holding CD

What Is Copyright Piracy?

Unfortunately, digital piracy is a major issue for creators. If you've been affected by thieves...
woman thinking

Is CopyCat Legal a Legitimate Law Firm?

You recently received a demand letter from CopyCat Legal, and you're wondering if we're a...

I Received a CopyCat Legal Demand Letter… What Should I Do Now?

You recently received a CopyCat Legal demand letter, and are wondering what to do next...
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What Works Are Protected by Copyright?

If you're a creator, understand what works can be protected under copyright law is essential...
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What Should Videographers Know About Copyright?

For videographers, navigating the complexities of copyright can be challenging. Luckily, the blog can help...


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