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Blog Posts

camera shutter

Is Photographing Someone Else’s Work a Copyright Violation?

Is someone distributing or selling photos of your work? This is likely a copyright violation...
sale graphic

What Are Distribution Rights in Terms of Copyright?

If you own copyrighted work, you'll want to keep reading to learn why distribution rights...
woman on computer

Are Internet Service Providers Liable for Their Customer’s Copyright Violations?

Was your content uploaded to a website without your permission? Read on to learn if...
business man planning to establish a company

Can I Copyright a Name, Logo, or Symbol?

This blog explores whether or not it is possible to copyright a name, logo, or...
hourglass for length of copyright protection

When Does Copyright Protection Expire?

When looking to register a creation, knowing how long your copyright protection will last is...
visual art protected by moral rights

What Are Moral Rights in Reference to Copyrighted Content?

As the creator of a visual work, you likely have moral rights to your creation...
monetary compensation for copyright infringement

What Are the Penalties for Copyright Infringement?

Understanding what the penalties for copyright infringement are is essential to receiving the compensation you...
trademark logo

Is There a Difference Between a Trademark and Copyright?

When you need to protect your content, you may not know if it's better to...
library permitted under the first-sale doctrine

What Should I Know About the First-Sale Doctrine?

As a creator, understanding your rights and limitations is vital. This blog explores what you...


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