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Blog Posts

woman finds copyrighted photos online

What Should I Do if Someone Illegally Uses My Copyrighted Photos?

Keep reading to discover what your legal options are when someone uses your copyrighted photos...

Client Perspective – David Fauss on Protecting His Copyrighted Photographs

Should a photographer bother registering his/her photographs with the US Copyright Office? What can be...
working with a copyright lawyer

What Should I Look For in a Copyright Lawyer?

When you create content, ensuring you can protect it is vital. Luckily, with the help...
public domain

What Is the Public Domain?

Understanding how the public domain works and what is subject to copyright infringement is essential...
protecting copyrighted content

What Are the Best Ways to Protect My Copyrighted Content?

As a creator of any kind, ensuring you take the necessary steps to protect your...
suing for copyright infringement

Is Copyright Infringement a Civil or Criminal Case?

If you suspect someone of committing copyright infringement on your protected works, understanding how to...
ingredients for recipe

Can I Copyright a Recipe?

If you've created a recipe, understanding your legal rights and whether it's protected is essential...
protect your content with DMCA

What Is the DMCA?

The DMCA is a complex but necessary means to protect your copyrighted work. Read on...
copyright services - registration and protection

CopyCat Legal Secures $75,792.50 Judgment for Copyright Infringement Against Silver Star of Brooklyn

What to do if you receive a CopyCat Legal demand letter alleging that your company...


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