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What Are the Most Common Copyright Errors?

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As a content creator, whether you write books or produce art, understanding the laws in place to protect your work is essential. Unfortunately, copyright law can be incredibly complex, and many are unfamiliar with how to properly secure their work. As such, creators and their works may be left vulnerable as a result. The following blog explores the most common copyright errors and how copyright infringement lawyers can help you avoid these costly mistakes. Keep reading to learn more.

What Copyright Errors Do Creators Often Make?

Unfortunately, one of the most common copyright errors is the most detrimental. When you create something, whether it’s computer software or a screenplay, you are granted protection under copyright law. As such, many may not register their work with the United States Copyright Office because of the automatic protections. However, if someone violates your rights and you wish to pursue legal action, you must register your work with the copyright office before pursuing legal action. This allows you to provide evidence of your ownership while recovering statutory damages and legal fees. While you can register the work after a violation occurs, submitting the creation to the office upon completion can help ensure this process goes as smoothly as possible.

Another mistake many make when copyrighting their work is thinking they can copyright ideas. Unfortunately, copyright law only protects tangible forms of media and work. As such, ideas are not protected. If you have an idea, pursuing it and turning it into a creation is the best way to protect it.

Finally, many people misunderstand what the Fair Use Doctrine is. Generally, Fair Use grants someone the right to use someone else’s work for commentary, criticism, or news reporting. Similarly, the work must be transformative in nature. Unfortunately, many misunderstand what is acceptable under Fair Use, which can lead to copyright infringement.

What Can I Do to Ensure My Work Is Protected?

If you’re a content creator, understanding the protections copyright law can offer is essential to ensuring your creations are shielded from those looking to steal your ideas and hard work.

One of the most important things to do when creating something is to work with an experienced copyright attorney. Not only can they help you register your work with the United States Copyright Office, but they can also help you pursue legal action if you find your rights have been violated by someone using or distributing your work without permission.

At CopyCat Legal, we believe those who have dedicated time to their craft should be protected. As such, we will do everything possible to help ensure you receive the protection you deserve. Contact our dedicated legal team today to learn how we can assist you.

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