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Are you someone who creates, either as a hobby or for a living? If so, whether you’re a photographer, novelist, or anything in between, your body of work is likely something you hold near and dear to your heart. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for individuals who are less talented and less motivated to try and steal this work and appropriate it for their own gain. Though it is, in a way, flattering that someone thinks your work is good enough to steal, it feels anything but flattering when it happens to you. After all, they’re stealing your recognition and your profit. This is unacceptable, but it’s also where the Washington, D.C. copyright lawyers here at CopyCat Legal step in to save the day. If you need a copyright lawyer who can fight for you, contact us today.

Copyright Lawyers | Fighting for Clients in Washington, D.C.

Here at CopyCat Legal, we exclusively handle cases involving copyright infringement on behalf of creatives who’ve had their ideas and work stolen away from them. Just some of the works we actively protect for our clients are as follows:

What We Do

CopyCat Legal is a copyright infringement law firm, which means when the bad guys steal your work, our job is to get it back and get you compensated for any losses you’ve incurred as a result. In most cases, we’ll demand a settlement. However, if the settlement doesn’t sufficiently cover the losses you’ve incurred, we can file a lawsuit and seek both statutory and actual damages on your behalf.

That said, you should understand that once you discover your copyrighted work has been stolen, the clock starts ticking. This is because the statute of limitations for most copyright infringement claims is three years, meaning you have three years from the date you noticed your work was stolen. The sooner you bring this act of theft to our attention, the sooner we can start fighting for you.

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CopyCat Legal is dedicated to representing the talented individuals who truly enrich our society. We are here to provide you with the seasoned legal experience you deserve as we pursue justice on your behalf. Contact us today so we can get working on your case.

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