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As someone who creates original works, whether they are drawings, paintings, literary works, films, or otherwise, you most likely take great pride in everything you do. Unfortunately, sometimes, the most talented creators are taken advantage of by those who have nothing to offer, and so they feel they have to steal from others. This behavior is both unethical and, in most cases, unlawful. If you believe your work was stolen, you need our seasoned Illinois copyright lawyers in your corner. CopyCat Legal is a law firm dedicated to representing the interests of creators throughout the state of Illinois, and you can depend on us to effectively represent you as well.

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Here at CopyCat Legal, we are honored to help our clients protect a wide range of copyrighted material, including the following:

What Are the Benefits of Copyrighting My Work?

There are several potential benefits of copyrighting your work. To start, once your work is copyrighted, you will have officially protected your work from plagiarism (although technically, work is protected from plagiarism upon its creation). That said, formalizing this protection can make it easier to prove your case if bringing a copyright infringement lawsuit, and it can also ensure you receive statutory damages, as well as potentially receiving actual damages in a lawsuit.

How Long Does Copyright Protection Last?

In the United States, copyright protection lasts for the duration of the author’s or creator’s life and for 70 years after they pass away. By having your work formally copyrighted, you can have peace of mind, knowing your work is protected officially under the law for generations to come.

How Long Do I Have to Sue for Copyright Infringement?

If, in the very unlucky event that your work has been stolen, there is still hope, but you need to act fast. In the United States, the statute of limitations for copyright infringement lawsuits is, typically, three years. This means you will have three years from the date you realized your work was stolen to pursue a copyright infringement claim. That said, the sooner you get in touch with our firm, the sooner we can fight to get your intellectual property back into your hands and get you the compensation you deserve for any damages you’ve incurred.

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