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There are few things more important to creatives and inventors than ensuring they get the credit and profit they deserve from their creations. Unfortunately, there are many people out there looking to steal and exploit these creations for their own gain, and if you believe you are a victim of copyright infringement, our legal team is here to help. Simply contact our dedicated Florida copyright lawyers to learn more about what CopyCat Legal can do for you.

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Here at CopyCat Legal, we proudly help clients protect a wide range of copyrighted material, including the following:

Why Should I Copyright My Work?

There is a wide range of reasons why you should copyright your work from the start, despite the fact that the original work is technically copyrighted from the moment of its inception. To start, if you formally copyright your work, it’ll be easier to prove that the work is, indeed, yours and that you created it before the date that the thief stole it. Additionally, by copyrighting your work, you officially get certain rights, including the right to display, distribute, and reproduce it.

You should also note that if you haven’t copyrighted your work, you may still file a claim for damages, but you’ll only be able to recover actual damages, which are a bit more complicated to calculate. If you’ve legally copyrighted your work, you can sue for statutory damages, which can total up to as much as $150,000 in some cases.

How Do I Report an Incident of Copyright Infringement?

To report an incident of copyright infringement, you should reach out to a seasoned team of copyright lawyers who can gather and present all evidence needed to prove that your work was stolen and that you’ve incurred damages because of it. You should also ensure that you file your claim within three years of discovering the infringement, in accordance with the statute of limitations. Waiting longer than three years will likely result in you permanently losing your right to sue. CopyCat Legal is here to help.

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If you’re a victim of copyright infringement, you can turn to CopyCat Legal to bring the thief to justice and get you the recognition and profits to which you are entitled. Contact us today so you can tell us your story and we can get working on your case.
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