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How Do I Get My Work Copyrighted?

copyrighting work

Whether you’re a writer, artist, or musician, you most likely want to have your work copyrighted. Once you get it copyrighted, you will exclusively own the rights to this work, and you will also no longer have to worry about sharing it with everyone you know, as your work will be formally and legally protected from plagiarism. That said, you may wonder what the process is like. Please continue reading and read out to our seasoned copyright infringement lawyers to learn more about how we can help you.

What are the steps for getting my work copyrighted?

The steps for getting your work copyrighted are actually relatively simple. In fact, in most cases, you can do it all online. You will simply make a login for the U.S. copyright office and follow several guided steps to officially copyright your work.

How long does my copyright last?

To start, your copyright will last from the time you create it until the day you die. However, the protection doesn’t end there. In fact, your copyright will last for 70 years after your date of death as well. This means that your copyright will protect your rights to your property and your legacy for decades after your passing.

If you would like to learn more about copyrights and the protections they afford, CopyCat Legal is here to help. Unfortunately, just because your work has been copyrighted doesn’t mean that there aren’t insidious forces out there who won’t try to steal it, which is why if your copyright was stolen and you’re seeking legal recourse to get it back into your possession and hold the right parties accountable, we are also here to help.

Give us a call today or contact us online so we can get started working on your case. Remember, we are on your side, and we will be, every step of the way.

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